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Living in Madagascar

Living in Madagascar

Ways and customs

The Malagasy language « Malagasy » comes from the combination of the Malayo-indonesian, Arabic, Swahili languages and the direct and literal translation of the French and English languages. There are 18 tribes in Madagascar; each of them speaks their own dialects. Nevertheless, Malagasy people understand each other through the “official Malagasy” language.
The respect of the ancestors, the elders and the « fihavanana » (friendship) is very important in the Malagasy culture. That is the reason why, when a Malagasy person takes the floor, he spends several minutes to apologize before getting in the heart of the matter.
The Malagasy traditional music is similar to the western operetta. It is special thanks to its moralizing themes full of humor and most of the time it takes place in the street or in the “kianja” (show-site).
The respect of the ancestors or « Razana » urges some ethnic groups to face some real funeral arts and to practice the “famadihana” (exhumation).
Malagasy people are known for their pacifism and their great tolerance. However, they set a high value upon ways and customs especially in villages: mainly the respect of the elderly and the compliance with the “fady” (taboo) and interdicts. Thus, prior to any shooting, please ask for authorization.


Category List
Colleges Public Universities
Instituts supérieurs de technologie (Technology colleges)
Ecoles polytechniques (Polytechnic colleges)
Private and public colleges
Distance learning university
High schools and schools Public schools and high schools
Private schools and high schools
French schools and high schools
American school (Antananarivo)
Primary schools Public primary schools
Private primary schools
French primary schools

Hospitals in Antananarivo

Public hospitals HJRA
Dr Raseta Befelatanana Hospital
Hôpital Militaire (Military Hospital)
Private hospitals Clinique des Sœurs
Polyclinique ILAFY
Clinique Saint Paul
Hôpital Mpitsabo Mikambana
Clinique Village des Jeux Ankorondrano
Clinique Noa

Air fares

  Fares (EUR)
National flights (Round trip ticket) 163.21 – 264.21
International flights (Round trip ticket for France and Germany) 765 – 1,138

Communication costs (international)

Operator Costs
Telephony (USD/mn)
Telma 0,39
Orange 0,15 – 7,86
Airtel 0,39 – 6,69
Internet (Subscription USD)
Telma 0,89 – 81,50
Orange 0,89 – 111,21
Airtel 0,53 – 200,98
Moov 8,26 – 60,96
Blueline 21,88 – 357,30

Water and electricity

Heading Consumption Costs (USD)
Water =10 m3 0,16/m3
>10 m3 0,39/m3
Electricity =130 kWh 0,09/kWh
>130 KWh 0,14/kWh

Fuel and gas (in june 2012)

Products Costs (USD)
Fuel (l)
Unleaded 95 1,45
Diesel oil 1,19
Petroleum 0,89
Gas (cylinder)
Butane gas 12.5 kg 34,83 – 45,77
Butane gas 9kg 34,61
Butane gas 6kg 16,74

Monthly rents

Renting Costs (USD)

Subscription costs/International radio

Providers Subscription duration Costs (USD) Available channels, radio and services (Qty)
Canal+ Madagascar 1 to 12 months 9 - 80 96
Parabole Madagascar at least 12 months 0 - 61 69
Blueline TV From 1 month 0 - 27 39
DSTV Madagascar 6 to 12 months 8 – 110 100