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Guanomad opens its capital


Impose the product made ​​in Madagascar on African soil. This is the objective of Guanomad by opening its capital to an investment fund specializing in small and medium enterprises of agriculture in Africa.
The African Agriculture Fund has injected two million eight hundred thousand dollars, or 40% of capital Guanomad to increase its capacity of organic fertilizer production. It also aims to set international standards of environmental protection, quality of work and product. This funding will last five years. African Agriculture  wants to harmonize population growth and sound management of soil fertility .
The extent of desertification and the effects of chemical inputs on the ground start, in fact, to be felt in different countries. The gradual overall decline in the content of soil organic matter and a sharp decrease of soil biological activity concerned some agronomists. Partnerships with various distributors were well established by Guanomad to face a very tough competition.

(31/10/13 L'Express de Madagasacar)