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Boarding authorization

Boarding authorization

Boarding authorization, entry visa and convertible visa

Designation Qty
Common Documents  
Photo ID 2
Reasoned request to the Minister of Foreign Affairs 1
Criminal record issued by the country of origin less 3 months (to be translated in English or French) 1
Passport photocopy 1
Notice information (*) 1
Accommodation and care certificate (*) with notarized signature OR Lease 1
Photocopy of National Identity Card (CIN) OR Resident Card (CR) of the hosting 1
Certificate of residence of the host 1
Airline ticket confirming the date of arrival in Madagascar 1
Documents in addition for Investors  
Registered statutes of the company 1
Declaration OR Certificate of Existence 1
Statistical Card of the Company 1
Registration in the Register of Commerce and Companies (RCS) 1
Fiscal card 1
Bank statement of the company 1
Certificate of tax payment 1
Documents in addition for expatriate workers  
Employment contract approved by the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Legislation (MFPTLS) 1
Certificate of filing employment authorization issued by the MFPTLS 1
Proof of employment covered by the employer 1
RCS of the company 1
Fiscal card 1
Statistical card of the company 1
CIN photocopy of OR CR of Manager 1
Documents in addition for family reunification 1
Birth certificate (child < 18 years old) 1
Wedding certificate (spouse) 1
 (*) :Model or form that can be removed at the EDBM or downloaded from the website: www.edbm.gov.mg  


Designation Amount
Boarding agreement / Entry Visa No fees
One month convertible visa (01) extendible for a long stay (immigrant visa) 140.000 Ar payable in cash to the Tax Centre Anosy

Documents delivered (after 3 days)

Boarding agreement / Visa  
Passeport with visa  

Concerned department(s)

 EDBM-Visa : Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE)

Notes and references

  • Law n°2007-033 du 14 décembre 2007 Finance Act for 2008, Article 02.05.06 General Tax Code
  • Interministerial Order No. 8421/97-MAE/MININTER/MI/SESP of 19 September 1997 on the implementation of Decree No. 94-652 of 11 October 1994, as amended by Decree No. 97-1154 of 19 September 1997 on the terms and conditions for the granting of entry and residence visas to foreign immigrants and non-immigrant
  • The (cultural or religious PAF Tourism Conference, Seminar, family events, sporting events, medical examination, Scientific Research, Boater, Turning movie, Cruise, Business Economic-Men) non-immigrant visas are not convertible into long stay. However, they may be extended to the Police Station for a combined total period not exceeding three (03) months
  • However, the MFA and its representations outside have jurisdiction to issue entry and residence of one (01) convertible extendible month long stay visas to foreigners wishing to settle in Madagascar following the patterns stay requested and supported by the relevant files. This type of visa can not be issued at the airport or port of landing    
  • Working hours: 10am to 12am

Version: February 2014